Sunday, August 15, 2010

Monica, David, Sophie & Annabel come over.

Naomi is thrilled to see Annabel and Sophie!  

Monica and David arrive!  

Check out how we redid our room. -Simone to Sophie

Monica and I decide to take in the sunset from the globe. 

Even after twelve years, I experience a tummy flip when I look down the dizzy slope of the pyramid.  Are we spinning?

As we share our ambitions for Mad Cap, we enjoy the Puget Sound.   

Mad Cap is the name we've given the new house Monica has rented and sublet to Debbie, Catherine and I.  We are all Evergreen moms working on Internet projects and the house is a block from the school enabling us to work nearby, walk over at pick-up and then let the kids hang-out at the house while we cram in another hour or so of computer time.   The name Mad Cap came from our initials.   

The city is inspiring.  

Sweet Annabel 

The salad was particularly good. It was a mix of argula, mash and baby greens. Threw in some raspberries, spicy-sweet pecans, goat cheese and a splash of raspberry wasabi dressing.  

Even the kids liked it.

It was juicy.

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