Monday, April 25, 2011

Easter 2011

We started the day coloring eggs.
We heard there was a bunny parade and ran over to Occidental to see.
Naomi left directions for the Easter bunny.  Hopefully we will come by again.
The parade arrived with a wolf, some carrots and bunnies.
Next we headed to Anselm, Eliot, Adrienne and Blaise's house on Capital Hill for an egg hunt. 
It was a wet Easter.  Naomi kept her bike helmut on.
Adrienne had hidden tons of eggs inside crevices, in trees, nooks, flower. 
The rain didn't deter the hunters. 
Circling.  So many eggs!  
Some were in trees.
Think like a giant bunny. Where would he hide eggs?
I've got enough. How about you!
Hmm. The chocolate ones are the best.  Delicious. 
Hey lets re-hide them. 
Adrienne, Blaise, David and I passed hours at the table enjoying a 
leisurely repast while the kids created games indoors and out.   
Anselm, here is a dark chocolate one for you.   Lets do this again tomorrow!