Monday, January 8, 2007

A Citizen of the United States!

After five long years of rigamarole. Santino Luan becomes a Citizen.  What a Day!  From left to right, Petra (5 months pregnant), Santino and Meseret.

Santino started life as a Dinka tribe cattle herder, fled war, wandered over 1,000 miles across the desert (crocodiles, carrying babies, no food, no water) thinking he was one of the last boys alive on Earth, then refugee camps and now he is working at the Smith Tower.  He studied for his GED in night school and kept a group of 18 other Dinka Lost Boys together by having them meet to do tribal dances.  

He went home to marry and eventually was able to bring his wife over (that also took a number of years) and now they have a wonderful little boy and another little boy on the way.