Thursday, July 15, 2010

The surface of the water

Simone had Moss Bay sailing and kayaking camp this week. 

   Here she is coming back from Ivar's Salmon house.

At the end of the day everyone jumps into Lake Union...including Naomi and me!

It must have been quite a work-out. Five minutes after getting into the car, Simone was asleep.  
We sat in the parking lot for a couple hours.  

Naomi also fully spent after jumps into Lake Union.

The first day of camp focuses on Being Smooth, the second is about Being Balanced, the third is about Rhythm, the fourth is about Being Powerful and the last day is on Being Harmonious.  Moss Bay was a great camp.  

Peeking through the kayaks.

The mornings were overcast and chilly but the afternoon were clear as a bell, sunny and hot.

On Thursday We Were A Circus

Today our itinerary at the Pacific Science Museum begins at the circus exhibit and then moves on to "BiPed Game Show" about our human ancestor, Lucy and what her remains can teach us about BiPedalism.  There is a tightrope in this circus that you can walk (harnessed in) and a trampoline with a hip strap so that you can do front and back spins in the air.

Evergreen peers, Nicole, Janelle, Sophie and Annabel meet at the Circus exhibit.  Above is Janelle walking the tight-rope fabulously. There is no matt and you feel the thin wire could not possibly be all you have to stand on.  Turns out this wire is 3x the size of the one used by circus professionals. 

In the dark top part of this overview of the exhibit, you can see a boy in the air.
He is above a trampoline, doing dozens of aerial somersaults.

Nicole up in the sky on the tightrope.

Funny posters.

Naomi and Simone play in one of the boxes used by contortionists.

Annabel and Naomi can play together for hours. "Watchout!" Naomi says, "We already lit the fuse and any second we're going to blast out of this canon!"

Some of the wild antics you can do on the trampoline.

Simone center front eagerly hoping to be cast as one of the contestants for the science game show on BiPedialism. She wasn't picked this time but has been in the past.  She loves the questions about our homo sapien ancestor, Lucy and when it is time for the audience to help the participants, she and Sophie shout out the answers.  The game show tells the story of Lucy who lived in Ethiopia more than 3 million years ago.  She is from the genus Australopithecus Afarensis and is a Biped...which is ascertained by the neck hinge and the inward leaning knees.  The museum game shows are packed.

After the presentation Sophie and Simone help put things away.

Outside of the science museum is the whale waterfall. The inscription describes how whales used to swim from the Pacific Ocean through Lake Union and into Lake Washington.  Hard to believe.  Imagine jumping off the dock in Madison Park and swimming with an Orca pod.

Found a sunny spot.  The girls have a blast at Seattle Center.
Above is Annabel, Sophie, Simone and Naomi playing "Mommy, Daddy and Babies" among the rocks.