Saturday, August 14, 2010

Seattle Center ...our extended yard...

We love playing in the fountain! Simone in blue, me in red.

On a hot day, this fountain is our favorite.  We yell our hearts out at first trying not to get wet and then once drenched, we squeal with delight as we up the ante and try to tag the dome.  Afterwards we enjoy the hot stone benches and summer sun.  

More water to play with at the Science Museum.  

Every now and then we have waited outside for the Science Museum to open and then found ourselves some of the last folks to be ushered out at the end of the day. We actually find that much to do there.  (Of course we also clock hours at the Children's Museum, EMP and the two fountains.)  

There is a proposal for a Chihuly Museum at Seattle Center and we would LOVE that!

There are a lot of buttons to push and just like the amazing guides at the Seattle Aquarium, there are these great scientists who hang out at the Science Museum and tell stories to Naomi (and everyone else) about the exhibits.

Kinesthetic fun.

It is easy to enter but tricky to leave the hay-bale maze outside the fun house.

Naomi, "Mom, I'm a bad guy with a shooter thing charging through the forest on my super big horse." 
Where does she get this stuff?  This is at the Bamboo forest near EMP.

If you look closely you will see Naomi and her new friend on the far right hanging out talking and to the left of them is Simone directing an ad hoc performance on the great whale outside of Key Arena. 

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