Friday, December 18, 2009

Holiday 2009 or slinky on the hotel stairs

Our holiday tradition is a feast with friends around the table that goes on late into the night. The dinner is usually a couple weeks into December. The food has been the same for the last 8 or so years. It is a scrumptious Paella brimming with everything that looks good at the Pike Place Market and a Flaming Baked Alaska for dessert.  Our Baked Alaska is a flourless chocolate cake with a wild ice cream inside (pumpkin this year) and covered with an inch of meringue and baked. Finally we light the huge delicious meringue dome on fire and the kids squeal with delight.  (dinner photos coming)

The morning after dinner, we share family gifts and hang around the tree to enjoy one another.  

Godfather William comes over to help open presents.

We took a walk downtown after opening presents and did a few loops on the Carousel.

Although I am non-religous, my mother's side of the family is Jewish.  I have taken the girls to Shabbat and Passover with friends, but I my character building comes from a heaping dose of rational thinking, frequent discussions of virtues, accountability and social mores.  I love Valerie Tarico's wisdom commons and Yaffa Maritz' Character Corner and use many of those ideas with Simone and Naomi.  

David's side of the family is Christian, so sometimes the girls enjoy Christmas or Easter Mass with their Grandmother Elinor.  Opera Diva, Frederica von Stade belongs to the Church and sometimes sings. The girls love the music.  

After our walk North, we took a walk South through Pioneer Square. (below)

Chocolate treats from the cafe at Elliot Bay Books.

Later in the day or the next day we fly to California to visit David's family for their holiday festivities.

The girls at the Claremont where we stayed this year.

Getting the Slinky to work.

Claremont hallways are great for performances.

There are many ways to play with it.

hee hee hee

We will eventually get this slinky to work!