Friday, October 22, 2010

Hillary does Pier 30

Hillary Clinton does Pier 30.  So nice to have her in town.

"There isn't anything we can't do!"

First time

Naomi's first time climbing into the globe.  

Naomi gulping milk with the view.  How small the cars look.

  I didn't know there were so many roofs.  

Naomi's adventure came about when KOMO news asked to do a story on the apartment.  Heather Reese  and photographer Ben Barnett arrived when Naomi and I were chalking up the sidewalk outside the Tower.  The crew let Naomi lead the way up in the elevator with Alfredo, into the Penthouse,  quick stop to see her room, and then up to the tippy top.   

"Please Vote!" or Clinton's in Town

Clinton comes to Washington to personally ask that Washingtonians get out and vote!