Tuesday, July 28, 2009

Rhoads' catch

On this particular July day on Orcas Island, Rhoads' captured four snakes.

Naomi and Celeste are waiting for us on the dock.  We're getting ready to go fishing.

Sweet Zepher.

Wednesday, July 22, 2009

Gritty Oasis in Seattle or Beaching in Seattle

McKinley and Naomi.

The recess Monkeys showed up.

All aboard!  Kaya and Simone riding high on David's shoulders.

We indulge in long days at the beach in the summer.  Somehow we always stumble into friends and gatherings, on this day it was both...the recess monkeys arrived as well as friends from "Tribe Seattle."

Puget Sound is a bit chilly, perfect for a swim at the end of an epic beach day.

Melissa relaxing.


Lake Washington beaches have darker sand but the warmer water and floating swims docks make for luxurious long swims.  We often head to the lake at the end of the long summer days. (Sunset is 9pm.)

Pictured below is Simone, Stella, Elizabeth (holding the clan together) Elias, Lola and Naomi.

Saturday, July 11, 2009

Ferry on over to Vashon Island

We often visit the Vashon Island farmer's market on the weekend.  The food is scrumptious, the music terrific but the real reason we go is to visit our friends Kelly and Rob.

Family pile-up.


Our good friends Rob and Kelly live on Vashon.  We LOVE them!

Wednesday, July 8, 2009

Knighted by chivalrous iron-clad warriors in Gasworks Park

Sometimes we stumble upon the chivalrous Knights in Gasworks Park.  They meet in the clearing on the left when you enter the park.  Simone and Naomi are transfixed by the beautiful armor.  They battle and they also share medieval stories with the girls.

"This sword is heavy." - Simone

What a warrior!

"We welded these helmets to scare our opponents. They are meant to be intimidating."

"I like your medieval battle.  Here is a ticket to my climbing the tanks show." - Simone.