Friday, October 1, 2010

Instead of Driver's Education, Children attend Biker's Education

Just read on Truth-out that in both Utrecht and Copenhagen 
Driver's Education has been replaced with Biker's Education. In the 3rd and 9th grade, kids learn cyclist traffic laws, bike etiquette, agility on two wheels and safe ways to commute.  

In the picture above Simone might be doing a bit more singing then pedaling?  This is the new riding equipment we picked up on the search for an interesting reptile.  Somehow the reptile search did not result in a reptile pet but we did stumble upon horses and acquire this handy trail along at a garage sale.   Inside the yellow sidecar, Naomi is out cold.  The nap is warranted as we are at the Magnolia Seafair parade and took full advantage of the pony rides, little train and inflatables.  

If you like to ride with your kids as much as David and I do, then jump onto the kidical mass website created by Dr. Julian Davies.  Julian is dad to Drew and Luc, wife to Kimberly Hartley, pediatrician to Naomi.  AND he has a sideline.  He orchestrates wildly fun family rides throughout the year and delivers a comprehensive overview on family biking on his totycle website.  Often these kidical mass rides start at Ballard Commons and head South along the canal to Gas Works park where a gelato bike, pizza bike and other goodies await. Below are images from some of those rides. 

The yummy gelato bike is a Julian creation.  Cute as a button with its zig zag trimmed shade.