Sunday, October 17, 2010

Brunch with Margit, Ben, Sarah, Rob and Pascal or Hot Lava

Margit, Simone, David, Pascal, Ben and Naomi
The morning started in the backyard with Margit creating crowns from the giant leaves.  Ben and Naomi were doing an improvisation about a family of animals.   We seem to descend on Ben and Margit fairly frequently on Sunday mornings. 

Sarah, Rob and Simone work on the crossword puzzle.  Sarah and Rob are Pascal's parents. 

Ben and Margit are both Naomi and Pascal's godparents. 

Margit and Pascal making crowns.

Do you like my robes?  I'm a King and these are my royal garments. - Ben
Naomi is mesmerized.

Naomi and I take a walk down the street to a playground while Ben plays violin for Simone.
Lets play Hot Lava mom.

I'm stepping over a scary monster here.

I'm climbing up the mountain.

I made it.  I'm thirsty! 
We head back to the brunch.

Simone's laptop