Tuesday, October 19, 2010

Ending nuclear proliferation

Was reading an email from Mark Anderson this morning.  It was about his upcoming Future In Review conference.  He was opening the floor for speaker nominations.  The first that came to my mind was John Gilleland with Terra Power.  It would not be an understatement to say that John is solving the big problems of today's world!

This type of nuclear power ends nuclear proliferation as it runs on depleted uranium.  There is nothing leftover to make bombs.  Isn't that remarkable?  As Izhar Armony puts it, "the Terra Power reactor transforms nuclear waste liabilities into assets." June 2010 

Terra Power provides the safest nuclear power known as the plants themselves run enclosed for hundreds of years without refueling and "based on the amount of depleted uranium sitting around the U.S. right now, you could power at least this continent for about a thousand years at current rates of consumption." -Jan 2010 Eben Frankenberg.    Jaw dropping, no?

What a masterful solution to climate change

As if that isn't enough reason to rewrite nuclear regulation right now and put everything we have behind this...Bill Gates spoke at TED this year about how this solution is the tool he wants to use against global poverty

Terra Power is one of MIT’s 10 Emerging technologies that can change the way we live.  

So you are probably wondering who is behind this.  Funded by Vinod Klosla, Bill Gates, Charles River and incubated within Nathan Myrvold's Intellectual Ventures

Could any one technology do more for Extreme Poverty, Global Warming, Energy Independence and Nuclear Proliferation?