Tuesday, October 12, 2010

Why are you smilin’ like a rabbit in a briarpatch?

Kevin, Simone, Elias, Liam, Simone, Drew
We are fairly frequent visitors to the CLAMS house.  Cora is 4, Liam is 5, Annie is the mom, Miela is a dog and Scott is the dad.  Like their other parties, this one was wildly fun!  The horse theme was in celebration of Cora's 4th and Lola's 5th birthdays. Lola is another part of our clan...i.e. the youngest daughter of Kevin Flick and Melissa Hartley.  Presents and a cake did happen but the dominant event was horsing around in the best way.   Why with straw, mud, ice cubes and bubbly water... Right?

Scott, Kevin, Liam, Simone

As we got out of the car, Scott (Cora's dad) zoomed by with a dozen kids 
on his heels trying to lasso him and put him in the jail out back.

Naomi with a funnel, an upside-down filter and a strainer.

Seattle was built on the gold rush and the kids fell for it too or I could just say that the girls had fun panning for gold (beads, that is) in the mucky kiddie pool and stringing up necklaces for their horse's manes.  Okay...maybe there were no real horses...so us parents had to ante up and wear the muddy things.    

Scott, Kevin, Drew, Liam
So a hay fight erupted. It was tons of fun but it didn't stop there. Ice cubes were great to drop down pants but that too got old.  I'd say the mud was probably a bad idea but the seltzer bottles....now those were genius as, with a little shaking, they could get someone from a yard.  Oh that reminds me of that old saying...don't judge till you've walked a mile in their shoes. Pretty good advice really as you are a mile away by the time they get wind of your words and YOU have their shoes.  Back to the fight...and the discovery of a projectile seltzer.  
Julie, Naomi, Gwen

Not everybody joined in the chaotic rough-housing.  There were safe spots one could take turns swinging or (below) ...their were moms to nestle up with like Catherine and Francesca below.  

Catherine, Francesa, Julian

As one horse says to another, any pal of yours is a palomino!  Or...yelled rather loudly before stuffing someone's pants with scratchy damp hay..."Hold onto your britches, you are about to be a dripping wet scarecrow!"  Yes that line was uttered...still makes me laugh to remember it.  

Join us next time...that is if I stirrup'd up any interest.

Kim, Elias, Simone, Liam, Drew, Simone

Here is a clip with some of the action.