Thursday, August 26, 2010

Boogie All Day Long

We're in Santa Cruz visiting our good friends Kristin, Eric and Zoe.  
Naomi and Simone headed down to the beach with a boogie board. 

Learning the game.

Dolphins swam right behind Naomi and Simone and I caught one of their playful leaps.

As the Dolphins made their way up and down the shoreline, they stopped by again to visit.

Simone is on a sand crab search!  Success!

Naomi getting the hang of it!

Uh oh!  Buried by a wave.  

A mouthful of sand too!  This was the second time on this vacation that Naomi found herself chopping on grit.  About a week before, when leaping off the monstrous dunes on the Oregon Coast and rolling down the giant shifting hills, she bit the dust. 

Simone deep into the work of creating a sand castle city.  Each day we dressed the tops of our castles with sand crabs and then added seaweed to protect them from the hot sun.

Telling the ocean where to go with a tunnel system.

End of the day...

Back to the car.

Looking down at the sand castle city!

Another day lunching at Kelly's French Bakery, one of our favorite spots, with Eric, Kristen and Zoe.

Stopping by the great whale skeleton!

What a great vacation!