Thursday, May 17, 2007

Welcome Naomi!

Proud Papa sings Naomi her first lullaby.

"I'm a big sister!" -Simone

It was 8:46pm on May 16th, 2007.  Naomi arrived weighing an ounce less than 7 pounds and stretched to 19 1⁄4 inches.  Basking in the special day when our family grew to four.  

Somehow when newborn Naomi is getting her first bath, she lifted her body up onto her elbows and knees.  Dr. Sarah de la Torre said this was highly unusual.  

I find myself enamored with the little foot prints.

What a little mouth you have. 

"I can help you take care of Naomi!  Look Mama. " -Simone

Simone sings a lullaby to Naomi.

Sonya meets Naomi.

Theresa meets Naomi.

Yahoo Naomi is here! We were so excited we whipped up a birth announcement and sent it to our friends and family.