Sunday, August 1, 2010

A Garage Sale detour enroute to the Reptile Zoo

Naomi was up quite late and so this morning Simone, Naomi and I (family meeting) decided to take a road trip.  Naomi could get some zz's,  Simone could put some time into her workbooks and we could all check out the reptile zoo about an hour north of Seattle.  On our way though Monroe, we stopped for gas and noticed this sign.  

Simone made a new friend.

...and found some additions to our vast family game collection.  

I am thrilled to discover a bike for $30 and a kid's trail-along one-wheeler for $35.  

We heard some whinnies and followed them.

Ah here is the happy gelding.  We shared some of our lunch apples and then got back on the road.

Quite the unusual zoo.  The 10 deadliest snakes in the world were inside.

The turtle on the right gave birth to the turtles below. They hatched about two weeks ago. 

We wanted to take two home but they cost $140 each.  

There was a beautiful Iguana for free as well as a couple chameleons.  Alas, I opted to do another family meeting.  Simone and Naomi talked about it and agreed that they need think the idea of an adoption through and come back another time.  I asked what led to that decision and Simone said, "I don't want to clean up the Iguana poop and Naomi is too little to do it. Maybe when she is bigger we can get one."

On the way home we stopped for a snack at Novelty Hill.  
The winery has lovely spaces to play in and good food.

Then we stopped at Chateau San Michelle to see the peacocks. Alas the birds were at the Vet.  We found a good looking tree to climb and we left covered with little splinters. 

When we got home David and the girls tried out the new trail-along!  Awesome!

Naomi is in the yellow side-car...and Simone is singing "Hey Sister Wister."  
Her own made up song to the tune of Hey Sister.