Thursday, February 25, 2010

Merging collective experiences or Augmented-Reality demo from Blaise

Earlier I oohed and aahed over Blaise's 2007 TED talk about photosynth.  
Would you believe there is more?  Now we can merge our collective experiences live!  Hold onto your seat.

Daily Rituals or Off to School

In the morning, the girls pack their backpacks with school stuff (lunches, sweaters, sneakers) and after-school stuff (leotards, swim suits, snacks) and then head downstairs to say good morning to Kumar, Hamilton and/or Nelson running the building elevators and Michelle, Michael and Alex manning the security desk in the lobby.  

Sometimes they stop at Starbucks to order a coffee for me.

Michelle moves into high gear when the girls arrive and a good ten minutes goes by between songs, chasing, updates.  Simone and Naomi adore Michelle!  Oh what heaven it is for me to watch this interplay each morning. The before school ritual is so much fun!

Naomi is playing hide and seek with Michelle Coleman, head of Tower security.  

Usually we head to Evergreen School first. We got there a bit early on this particular day and Naomi and Simone decided to play in the mud a bit before school.

Simone's Kindergarten teachers are Eve Ingraham and Christine Burnett and in the photo above the class is celebrating Valentine's Day with a Disco dance party. Black lights, a mirrored ball and a break-dancing circle.  Naomi in pink and Simone in orange whooping it up to the Bee Gees, "Stayin' Alive."  

After dancing up a storm, Naomi and I headed to her school, Global Gardens, where she spends a few hours a couple days a week. She loves it and asks every morning, "Do I have Global Gardens today?"

After school and the many extracurricular activities...we sometimes can fit in a visit with Godfather William.  His office is just down the street and he often works late.