Friday, July 2, 2010

Geo-caching Pains or Shakespeare at the Troll

Last week at a wonderful birthday party for Simone's classmate Meredith (Richmond Beach) we geo-cached and found an artillery box full of books.  We were smitten with the adventure and made a little book of our own to add.   We wanted to share the fun of geocaching with our pals McKinley and Kaya Daggatt and find more treasures and what better place then Freemont to start. 

We joined the Daggatts around noon and put together an assortment of tiny toys to leave in the geo-caches we found.  Then we set off for the first geo-caching site just a stone's throw from their houseboat on Lake Union. 

"Okay it is 4 feet from us."  McKinley is navigating with the geocaching application on the iphone.

We searched every inch of the grassy knoll but (4 feet or not) cache was found!  

Discouraged, we conferred (family meeting) and decided to move on to another cache hidden at the Fremont Troll.  (FYI.  McKinley is sporting Zombie make-up for the 5pm massive gathering of Zombies.) 

Naomi shouts, "Look Simone, it's our house," as we pass a welded fence with an image of the Smith Tower.  

It is always fun to visit the Troll under Aurora Bridge.  He holds a real VW bug in his hand.  Turns out,  Work It Productions' was holding a performance of Shakespeare at the Troll starting right when we arrived.  It was a series of scenes and sonnets from Bard's works. The girls lined up eagerly to watch.

When it was over (an hour later) the treasure hunt resumed.  The hint was that this cache was magnetic.

"Nothing in his nose." - Kaya

"It's not on the signs or the railing." -Naomi

"Something is wrong. I don't think it is here.  Muggles must have got this one too." -Kaya.  
(Family meeting.) This is not working.  "Lets go put on our Zombie outfits!" - McKinley.