Wednesday, October 27, 2010

Naomi's KOMO tour of the Tower or it ended up on the cutting room floor

This KOMO news piece turned out well but what is funny is that I mentioned ACT Theatre dozens of times. Wove ACT into whatever they asked about. "Yes, I DO love living downtown, especially because I can, spur of the moment, catch innovative theatre at ACT with my cool ACT Pass.

I really AM eager to see the play Lieutenant of Inishmore and so of course I mentioned that during the KOMO interview as well as the Pinter Forthnightly series and Lady with all the Answers (Ann Landers) that are both finishing up next week.  

Hmm.  Was I too obvious?  Somehow, all those mentions ended up on the cutting room floor.  (So to speak.)  A friend of mine had a great suggestion, he said, "Next time write ACT Theatre or ACT Pass on your forehead.  They are bound to ask about that?"

By the way, the ACT Pass is a monthly program.  You pay $20 or $25 per month depending upon your age and you can go to as many plays as you want and bring guests for greatly reduced rates.  ACT Theatre is the first theater in the country to present such an option and partly that is because there are four stages in the building and a huge amount to see including the Mainstage play series, the InterACTions lectures series, the Caught in the ACT series of screenplay readings from the Film School, New Works for the America Stage, dance performances, The Central Heating Lab productions, the Moisture festival, RAWStock short film festival and of