Thursday, August 5, 2010

rock n roll camp

Naomi and I logged serious hours at Seattle Center this week as Simone was in rock n roll camp at the Pacific Science Center and Experience Music Project.

Naomi running through the spears of bamboo.  (I like how this picture makes me lean right just a bit.)

Naomi laid on the lobby floor and looked up at the ceiling of EMP at one point.  
She was hitting a boneless kind of tired only 3 years old get, 
BUT... she also liked the view.   Me too.

The museum is visually bombarding.  Massive multi-media screens floating high and low,
tucked unexpectedly in a cornice or filling a massive wall.  It is exciting.  The Rec
Room (above) had a band practicing in it.  Naomi and I watched for a bit and then
stepped outside into the hot blazing sun which suddenly felt very still.

The fuchsia surface rolling into the cerulean blue folds is something!

Earlier today we saw the blue angels and here Naomi is being a plane.

 Naomi running and dancing as she waits for Simone to come out of camp.  

Simone is here!  She looks so grown up to me.  Do anything new today?  
"Yes!  My group made a you tube video!  Wait till you see it!"  

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