Thursday, August 5, 2010

Deluged in Seattle

The fountain delivering its cold deluge on a sweltering day.
Look how empty the dome park is today.  Naomi nearly has the place to herself!

Just a few takers at first.  Many sitting on the ledge enjoying the fabulous Seattle Symphony music.

But not for long. The scene ramped up.  Naomi is on the left with the big pink ball. 

We've been coming here nearly every day this week. It starts like this. We pretend we just need to quickly clean the peanut butter off our fingers and then get utterly caught up in the exhilarating game of running back and forth to touch the cold wet metal of the giant dome and then backing away from the spray.  One never knows when the giant fountain will amp up.  Getting soaked by it is such a thrill.

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