Friday, April 22, 2011

The Artist Toolbox - NOW for Season Two!

With each week, we become more popular!  The Artist Toolbox is now running 2 to 4 times a week in 227 PBS markets. We were the LA Times “Pick of the Week” again  (fifth time) as well as covered in Time and Newsweek.  We have the right to distribute outside of PBS and thus are putting the 13 episodes on airline inflight entertainment (digiplayer has us now) and soon you will be able to download us from Amazon's Instant Video.

Watch the full Isabel Allende episode below or with this link.  

My focus now is on finding underwriting for Season Two.  We have Helen Mirren, Angela Lansbury, Bon Jovi, David Brubeck, Carolina Herrera, Jules Feiffer and Sally Mann lined up far.   

There are two 30 sec ad spots in the show.  Those spots are powerful, as PBS is a clutter and competition-free advertising environment.  The ad that runs before Charlie Rose is forever etched in my mind...the boy opens the mailbox and there is the bottle of Coke.  

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