Tuesday, December 21, 2010

A party about stories

This party started off with the adrenaline and excitement of being together with good friends and conversations in the globe to catch up and share confidences, ambitions... the view.   BUT Then, Tom Skerritt handed out movie scrips and assigned parts to guests randomly.  Those who were tagged to be directors or actors went off to practice a bit.  The rest of us enjoyed hearing John Jacobsen describe the shape of a great story.  The cave that the main character falls into and climbs out when ready to face the greatest realization of all. 

The actors were ready. Ann Dornfeld & John Hempelman directed by Kathryn Hinsch and Tom Skerritt started us off with a classic scene from The Graduate.  Then Jeff Seely, Blaise Arcas and Monica Stephenson has us in stitches as they performed a couple pages from The Sliders.

Then we circled the room telling our own stories and what storytellers we turned out to be!  

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