Saturday, January 22, 2011


What a great birthday!  Thank you!  Breakfast in bed, the 1st grade book club and then friends over for a party.

Debbie and Peyman, Monica and David, Margit and Ben, Andrea and Dana, joined David, Naomi, Simone and me for salad, a variation on the cumin rich Judge's stew and scrumptious dark chocolate cake.   (Oh and a lovely flan from Margit.)  

A delicious take on the Judge's Stew...perhaps I'll call this version the Probationers' Stew.
 The fennel, raspberries, goat cheese, soft garden greens and balsamic dressing made this a great salad.
Debbie baked the darkest richest chocolate cake.  I saw her 10am post on Facebook about it cooking in her oven, I dreamt I was smelling it for the rest of the day.  Finally the moment came and it was even better than my imagination.  

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