Thursday, July 15, 2010

The surface of the water

Simone had Moss Bay sailing and kayaking camp this week. 

   Here she is coming back from Ivar's Salmon house.

At the end of the day everyone jumps into Lake Union...including Naomi and me!

It must have been quite a work-out. Five minutes after getting into the car, Simone was asleep.  
We sat in the parking lot for a couple hours.  

Naomi also fully spent after jumps into Lake Union.

The first day of camp focuses on Being Smooth, the second is about Being Balanced, the third is about Rhythm, the fourth is about Being Powerful and the last day is on Being Harmonious.  Moss Bay was a great camp.  

Peeking through the kayaks.

The mornings were overcast and chilly but the afternoon were clear as a bell, sunny and hot.

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