Saturday, December 25, 2010

Simone's on the cover of Life Magazine in Shanghai

Peter Lundberg, the sculptor of massive concrete works, and Graceley, the curator for the Chinese Olympic sculpture collection, came to visit last week.  Gracely brought a copy of Life magazine from Shanghai (The Bund).  Would you believe that Simone was on the cover, happily enjoying the first bite of a biblically rosy apple in a sunny spot.  I did the interview a couple months ago and was aware that the story was to be published but I had not seen the actual magazine and it was large and glossy.   It showed off the powerful photography of Stuart Islett.  His images unfold like stories.  Here is the link to The Bund article.


Isle of Jules said...

This is really amazing.. what a fortuitous meeting, and an amazing memory for her. I also think it's really something, given Simone's studies and hard work. Happy New Year to you all.

Lala said...

so cool!!!