Saturday, October 2, 2010

A One Nation Sunday

A One Nation demonstration is happening on 2nd Ave. The girls are watching folks congregate in the street and tell me that there are a buses driving up 1st Ave bringing more people to the rally.  Then as quickly as it appeared, it vanishes.  Not a sole on 2nd people and no cars.

Time for us to go.  We're heading over to the first gymnastics meet of the season.  Simone is uncertain about it.  She says she can't remember her routine and doesn't want to go.   I pack everyone into the van and say we might as well drive over there and root for the rest of her team.

Turned out just fine.  In fact, as we were walking out, 
Simone said, "I want to do that again. It was awesome."

It was Naomi's turn to pick whether we head to a playground or to a fashion show some friends are involved in.  Naomi chose the Harbor Steps fountain and a trip to the Seattle Art Museum.

The feet of SAM's Hammering Man

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