Thursday, October 21, 2010

Mieraye, Obama and Murray or the President comes to town.

Official White House Photo by Pete Souz
Simone's school mate, Mieraye Redmond, had an exciting day yesterday.  She met President Barack Obama in front of her own house.  Mieraye is incredibly well spoken and very much beats to her own drum. Just last week at the Evergreen school math and science night, she spontaneously stood up in front of a packed stadium and read a story she had written that morning.  She was loud, clear and made us laugh heartily.  

For the President, Mieraye wrote a letter and attached a colorful paper bouquet. Sen. Patty Murray and the President were on a walk through the Wedgewood neighborhood on their recent trip to the city.  

Mieraye and Simone take violin and choir together at Evergreen School which means I get the pleasure of hanging out with Mieraye's mom, Toni Redmond,  a couple times a week.  Toni is a syrupy-rich jazz singer.  She jammed at Russ and Gemma's anniversary party last year and ever since then I have been encouraging her to get a group together. (How is that coming my dear friend!)

Get in close!

Do you prefer a backyard chat or stadium performance?  

Packed house at the University of Washington.

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