Wednesday, September 8, 2010

Naomi & Annabel on their First Day at Evergreen School

Naomi is sitting on teacher Judith Hart's left in a red shirt and ponytails.  Next to her is Annabel in fuscia.  This is the Pre-School class at Evergreen with Judith Hart and assistant teacher Melissa Norby.  Simone had Judith back in 2008.  Here is an older post where Simone's PS class went fishing at Twin Ponds on crazy hair day.  Judith often takes the class into the woods and on this first day of school they went to search for a fairy house in the woods and found one at the base of an old growth tree.  They each left a present there.  They'll return in a few days and find pencils that the fairies left for them.

Simone and Naomi have been pals for a couple years. In 2009, they went to Global Gardens PreSchool every Thursday and Friday morning.  Above is a picture of their last day there. It was June 17th, 2010.

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