Saturday, July 31, 2010

Occidental Market

On Saturdays there is a market in Occidental Square so we biked over with our paints and a few toys and set up camp.  I had a delicious bowl of posole from Gran Central.  The girls are painting letters.  In the background there is a hoola hoop performer, a rock band on the stage and a unicycle rider.

Simone and Naomi play chess with David.  

A treasure hunt team stops by.  Seafair has a citywide treasure hunt today.  I had a great time talking with these two about their adventure through the city.  What a rush.  Definitely want to do this next year!

Simone wants to have a stand here next week. We'll have to figure out what she could sell.  Lemonade and cookies just would not work as the Parfait and Dessert food vans already have those covered!  Simone decides that she could sell plants or colorful kids t-shirt prayer flags. 

The girls had enough change to get a marshmallow covered with dark chocolate on a stick.  

Then to the wooden boat museum.

Looking out at the dock from upstairs in the little museum.

Simone wants to take this bicycle boat out. 


The beautiful hull forms, the little wood structures, the old coal stacks on the fishing vessels...and buzzing about on the wharf with Simone...made for a fun afternoon stop.  Now I need to get into sneakers for the Seafair 8K run.  I can't wait! 

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