Sunday, July 18, 2010

Circumnavigating 100 feet from home court

Pausing to enjoy the adventure of life in the Pioneer Square neighborhood. Simone and Naomi love the rush of "urbanity and motormania" that hits you as you step out the giant doors of our building.

Returning from a spin around Occidental Square.

Simone has her bull and treasure chest in the basket as she circles around the Chinese Room deck.  She is looking at the Muckleshoot fishing vessels that are pouring into the harbor for the opening of salmon season.  The space needle is behind her. 

Simone has a play-date with her good friends Lucy (cowhide) and Josie (closest to us).  They had a great time climbing the firemen memorial in Occidental Square.  I wish our neighborhood had a kids park with a jungle gym and swings.  One day it surely will.  Simone is hugging Misty (Meseret) who works in the Chinese Room of the Smith Tower.  The girls often visit Misty when she is working to share the adventures of their day and show her their latest gymnastic tricks.

Simone and Naomi are making sure they have all their supplies before setting off.

We were so excited to find out that the Recess Monkeys were playing downstairs.  Simone and Naomi love to dance to the Monkey's tunes.  The musicians, Jack, Daron and Andrew are wonderful teachers.  Jack and Andrew are at UCDS and Daron is at Spruce Street.  There new album is about  s p a c e.

In the background is our dear friend Avery and her mama, Lauren with baby Pasha in the bjorn, just a few weeks old. 

We talked the band and our friends into coming upstairs for lunch.

Resurfacing our street with a fresh batch of concrete.  "Some of our company's flyash, blast furnace slag or aggregate could be in that batch." - Petra    "What's 'a green ghost'?" - Simone  "Aggregate usually means to gather things together to make a whole of something, but in this case I was talking about another kind of aggregate and that one means little rocks that can be added into the concrete." -Petra  "I can find you some little rocks for you." - Simone

Checking out the big equipment in front of our building.

Urban expeditions start here.

David takes the girls on many cycling trips.  He has a sidecar and a basket on his bike.

Naomi is coming home from a birthday party in the neighborhood.

Alex helps Naomi get her backpack on.  Alex is the security guard in the evenings and the girls love to hang out with him in the lobby doing cartwheels and playing hide and seek.  If he happens to catch us on the security monitor heading toward the building, he comes outside to welcome us in and the girls run ahead the minute they see him.  "Alex, Alex, We went... We saw...Would you believe...." - Simone and Naomi.

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