Wednesday, June 30, 2010

And besides, they are DISTINCT!

An email just in from my good friend Monica about a conversation between Sophie (6) and Annabel (3) that she overheard.


On the way home from camp today, I heard the following conversation in the backseat:

Sophie: “Now I REALLY want a pet, Mommy!” (after seeing a Jasper look-a-like poking his head out of a distant car window)
Annabel: “Me too!  I want a pet baby Unicorn.”
Sophie: “There’s no such thing as a real baby Unicorn.  They are a mythological creature.  And besides, they are DISTINCT.  They don’t exist anymore.”
Annabel: “Yes they do exist!  Playmobil makes them!”
Sophie: “No, they’re distinct!”
Annabel: “Yes, I WANT A BABY UNICORN!!!!”
Sophie: “No!!!!!!”
Annabel: “Yes!!”
Sophie: “No!!”
Annabel: “Waaaahhhhh!!”

This seems to capture our life right now, from fairies and unicorns, to the tug of war and ultimate tears.  At least I can laugh about it, right?

Love, M.

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