Tuesday, May 20, 2008

Take Your Time

Simone and Naomi visited the exhibit of Danish Iceland artist, Olafur Eliasson at MOMA.  There was a smoky mysterious room and a foggy room and a round room that changed colors and a wall of boxy mirrors all much bigger then them....which I should add was a theme on this last trip to NYC, so much of the art we saw was giant (Robert Therrien's plate and bowls.)

Another favorite with the girls was "Who's afraid of Jasper Johns" at the Tony Shafrazi gallery. The flight of stairs into the exhibit space on West 26th street had become a waterfall and the girls got in it immediately as it was 100 degrees outside.  The walls of the gallery were covered in a wallpaper of the previous show with new art mounted on top of it. It was hard to tell what was real and what was wallpaper.  An image of a guard stood next to a live guard.

Back in Seattle Naomi 
and Simone had a great time at the 
Lawrimore Project's Susan Robb exhibit, "The Challenge That Nature
 Provides."  Simone sang her heart out in the private booth and cooked 
delighted in the charred marshmellows from the Digester's fire.  The Digester's fire is fueled by methane from art dealer waste.  A hearth from the ecologically progressive future for sure. 

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