Thursday, May 1, 2008

You Complete Me

If you look at the window behind Simone you will see, in the lower right, the seam for the door to the Western Bridge. A Seattle museum founded by Bill & Ruth True to exhibit contemporary art. Simone was inspired to do a chalk drawing of her own outside the museum after seeing the exhibit, "You Complete Me." Below are large photographs viewed with 3-D glasses.

The girls hooted and hollered through Switzerland artist, Andres Zybach's yellow passageway. As they stomped down the ribs of the tunnel, the hydraulic system was activated, creating gurgling noises and sending paint into tubes which spew color down the gallery walls across the room.

The last image is from a grey bouncy house by artists' Eli Hansen & Oscar Tuazon. A la " a thinking room" that had the girls climbing the walls.

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