Friday, February 29, 2008

Simone and Naomi concerto

We're in Los Angeles for a couple days. Wednesday we happened upon Frank Gehry's Walt Disney Concert Hall. We were aiming for MOCA (Museum of Contemporary Art) across the street but discovered it is closed on Wednesdays in the winter. After running around the shiny Concert Hall with Simone and Naomi, we picked up some lightweight kids instruments at the fun music store and pied piper-ed back to the hotel room.
On our way through downtown LA, we met a guitar teacher walking home from work. She was dragging a flatbed of colorful kids guitars and from her we added a $20 dollar blue guitar to the plastic sax and flute.
Here are the two young musicians fooling around with their new instruments in the hotel room. In the video, Naomi walks a little which is something she's been doing tentatively for about a month. She is 9 months old in this clip. Simone is three. They love making movies!

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David said...

Nice work on the Lahaie blog sweetie! Great shots and descriptions!