Sunday, April 25, 2004

Knocked up and low on carabiners or Enjoying Zion

Missed the cool hikes.  Totally forgot to pack my spiderman climbing shoes and couldn't get the pretty blue Petzl Adjama harness higher than my knees.  To get into the Zion spirit, I used a giant carabiner to hold up my shorts.

Susan, our resident horticulturalist, often hung with me (thought she surely would have rather done the  wild cliff hanging treks with Molly, Sonya and Patty).  We struck off into the beautiful old riverbed (below) on the first day.  We collected a few high altitude mosses to seed into the cracks outside the gothic windows back at on the 40th floor of the Smith Tower.  There is a chance they will take there.

These inner canyons belong in the Louve. 

The striations of red remind me of an ancient city in Jordan.  
Susan taught me a cool way to identify a Douglas Fir from the cones.   

See the little mouse tails and feet sticking out from under little tables.  
If you see those you know you have a  Pseudotsuga menziesii (Douglass Fir).

My wonderful friends, Susan Holmes Lipsky, Sonya Stoklosa, me (one month to go), Molly Kingston and Patty Ryan making our way through Zion.

The water must have rushed through here on a mission!

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